How It Works

The Process:

It starts with creating new, specific neural pathways to replace the ones you already have, that aren’t serving you. They’re like the trampled down underbrush of a well-worn path you’ve traveled your whole life. When you think in a certain “chain of events,” or have memories that are attached to certain smells, etc. the same neurons fire in the same area of your brain, and eventually it takes very little stimulus for that neural exchange to take place. This becomes a “habit.” This is also what becomes reactive, “auto-pilot” behavior, and often the kind of thing you regret later.

[this is what a habit looks like in your brain.]

To change this, you need to first create a new pathway, and then spend some time trampling down the underbrush, so the new path becomes just as easy for the neurons to travel on as the old path. Just like a Personal Trainer, I’ll help you design exactly the right exercises to achieve your desired outcome; no more being triggered to “jump thru hoops.”.

Communication is the Key – Internal and Interpersonal:
I’ll show you the “Keys” to your communication “lock.” When this Key is used, communication is freer, more efficient, and effective. Then you’ll get how to find and apply the Keys to everyone’s communication locks. When miscues, misunderstandings, and conflict are replaced by clarity and a pragmatic understanding of the real value of different perspectives, the amount of time, money and energy saved is astounding. The unanimous success for everyone who completed the process speaks to its effectiveness.

Your Magic Wand for Transformation – The Integram™:
One component of the Integram™ is the woefully misunderstood Enneagram; thought to be well over 2,300 years old. The Integram™ is far more accurate and detailed than its Enneagram component alone, as it adds and incorporates Integral Consciousness, Spiral Dynamics, Cognitive Linguistics, Hermeneutics, Neuroscience, and several other disciplines.
Many organizations are currently only using the Enneagram by itself in coaching, training programs, communication, conflict resolution, leadership  development, and organizational change initiatives. Organizations as diverse as Walt Disney, Silicon Graphics, Kaiser Permanente Research Center, and the CIA are using this model. Imagine how much further you can go with the Integram™

There are vast applications for the Integram™ in every field from sales to Human Resources and Management, as it improves interactions and relationships. More about the Integram™

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