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Seminar topics can be tailored for your organization’s needs, from a one-hour talk to a half-day or full-day workshop.

Introduction to the Integral Enneagram: the Integram™
From Compulsion to Choice; Getting off the Hamster Wheel

The most accurate system of Personality Typing, based on unconscious motivations, rather than physical reactions and behavior. You’ll understand what drives us unconsciously, so you can take charge instead of just reacting in patterned ways.

A new and powerfully amazing model of motivation and perspective: the Integram™
(Abbreviated from the Integral Enneagram of Consciousness.) The most accurate system of personality typing, based on unconscious motivations, rather than physical reactions and behavior. Has the Enneagram always seemed too complex and impractical? Not enough time to read the books? Here’s your answer. You’ll understand what drives you subconsciously and unconsciously, so you can take charge instead of just reacting in patterned ways.

  • Understand how you and others are motivated or de-motivated, and how you can get the most from your interactions.
  • Learn the different “languages” each of us use, and how to use them for the best results.
  • See how to catch yourself before you fall prey to “old patterns.”
  • See how others view the same picture differently, and how to ease conflict.
  • You’ll understand the basics of perspective shifts under stress or in security, and how these shifts affect your life and those around you.
  • You’ll understand your “Wing influences,” and how they can help you or hinder you and others.

As consciousness stages and tiers have historically been differentiated by one’s ability to simultaneously hold multiple perspectives, working with the five perspectives already residing within you is a fast and effective way to start. This is a mind-blowing, change your way of looking at the world opportunity. You can evolve to a higher level than you may have ever imagined, and it’s a really fun journey.

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Instant Rapport: Chase Less, Close More!
Optimize Your Communications for Success

Enhance your communication for increased clarity, understanding, and the ability to adjust your communication style to match whoever you’re talking with.

Did you know that an average of 40% of the energy and resources going into your business and personal relationships gets wasted in miscommunications? Would you like to turn that around?

We all have distinct Communication Styles that direct our delivery and understanding of one another. When we don’t take this into account, and merely use our own “language,” misunderstandings abound, and we end up wasting even more time trying to put things back on track. You can enhance your communication for increased clarity, understanding, and the ability to adjust your communication style to match whoever you’re talking with.

Relationships drive your bottom line.
Relationships are all about communication.
Communication is a pre-requisite for success.
…Yes, it’s that simple.

  • See the Nine Communication Types revealed.
  • Discover the verbal cues revealing how people want to be worked with (and even sold to.)
  • See how to take advantage of the “Rashomon Effect.”
  • Use “Focus of Attention” to build rapport.
  • Leverage this knowledge to make your business more effective..

Not only does this not have to be hard, it can be fun! Discovering who we really are and embracing that diversity can make the work day a joy. Every “what the heck?!” can be turned into an “of course; I understand.”

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Leverage the Power of You
Accessing the Treasure Trove Within

You have more potential for success being yourself than you can emulating others. Take charge of your life, work, and relationships leveraging the unique gifts each of us have to offer.

We’ve had it drummed into our heads since childhood, “why can’t you be more like so-and-so?” We see who seems to be succeeding in the workplace, and think if only we could be like them, we could succeed as well. In fact, you have more potential for success being your natural self than you could have emulating others. Rather than ascribing to the myth that there is one type of person who is successful, you can take charge of your life and your relationships with others by accepting the unique gifts each of us have to offer.

  • Leverage your innate talents and authentic self to achieve success.
  • Differentiate what motivates you from what motivates your colleagues or individuals you work with.
  • Motivate others with what works for them.

A fun, thought-provoking, and empowering presentation and discussion. Be prepared to participate, ask questions, self-reflect and be challenged with some new thinking!

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2 – 4 hours minimum; highly participatory:

Optimize Your Team’s Communication: Communicating to Connect

The way you work together, or don’t work together, inevitably stems from the communication between your people. Misunderstandings and miscues devour time and money, as well as destroying morale. This workshop will create a fundamental shift in the way your people relate to one another, and thus a powerful impact on the business as a whole.

This workshop starts with much of the Introduction to the Integral Enneagram: the Integram™ material, as a primer on the Enneagram itself is necessary for people to grasp what comes next. Then, depending on the size of the team, the assessments can take another hour or so, meaning that this workshop really works best as a minimum half day.

Each team member will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Typology Assessments; highlighting Focus of Attention, Communication Styles, and Unique Contribution Potential.
  • Exercises and discussions designed to bring out communication issues and workplace dynamics; keeping the workshop rooted in real-world solutions.
  • Self-Directed Conflict Resolution Techniques that replace repeating the same old “stories” with non-judgmental, non-blaming curiosity

When everyone truly understands one another’s real motivations, without jumping to conclusions or making assumptions, the work gets done faster, easier, with virtually no conflict.

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Managing Pain With Your Brain – It’s Chemistry, Man!

Attitude is the first step. We may not be able to change what happens to us, but we can change how we deal with it.

Re-wiring your brain chemistry is a learnable skill that puts you in command of your experience. (more…)
A recipe of positive thinking, optimism, and gratitude is actually one of the most powerful, immediate, and long-lasting things you can apply to a rough patch of life. Sometimes what’s throwing us is temporary, and sometimes chronic, but in the moment all we know is it hurts. We react by trying anything to make it stop, and this often leads to even more problems. We try stuffing and masking physical pain and anxiety with pills and other things, none of which work sustainably, and usually have negative side effects.

From Norman Cousins laughing his cancer into remission, to Stephen Hawking still going strong 50 years after being given 5 years to live, to Aimee Mullins, a double-amputee from her infancy, growing up to be a runway model, motivational speaker, and champion runner.

The difference is in our mind, not our body. There are things we can do something about, and things we can’t. Most of the time, we can’t change what happens to us, but we certainly can change how we deal with it. Our attitude is everything.

  • Learn new ways to look at and manage the “downside” of things from pain to stress to depression.
  • Teach yourself optimism as a habit; perhaps the most important one we can have.
  • Reduce stress and increase energy.
  • Shift your own brain chemistry from flight or fight to rewards and achievements.

Using principles of positive psychology and neuroscience, you can learn how to shift your outlook on life on a daily basis. You being in command of your positive, energized mind, focused on solutions vs. problems is one of the most powerful skill-sets we can have.

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The Three Strikes of Communication

People often ask, “what are three things I can do right now to improve my communication?” How about three things that you can stop doing that will improve your communication? Sometimes it’s easier to change our habits just a little bit. This shift we opens the door to authentic, active listening, and being far more present as well.

So much miscommunication and subsequent conflict can be traced to a common root: we need to make our implicit communication more explicit. There’s an old joke about communication from personal relationships around the concept that “if you loved me you’d read my mind.” We don’t just do this in our personal relationships however, and the amount of mind-reading we unconsciously expect of one another is startling.

  • Learn about the “placeholders” that we create to take the place of real information.
  • Learn how to not mentally replace another person’s experience with your own.
  • See why we don’t check in and verify information, and how we can correct that.

By keeping the Three Strikes in mind, along with your genuine desire for clear, accurate interactions, you can make your communication more explicit, while requesting the same from others. You can learn how to stay in a questioning state, rather than jumping for the answers. You can question your own statements (would I understand this if someone else was wording it this way?) as well as the other person (do I really understand what they’re saying, or jumping to conclusions?) Knowing beats guessing, and we can make pursuing real information a natural habit.

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Kind Ambition: Triple Bottom Line Success

Business has changed, and what used to work, no longer guarantees success. The level of competition has taken a quantum leap, and that’s exactly what your business needs to do! You need to take it to a whole new level. You need an edge.

The most comprehensive approach is a holistic one; addressing all three aspects: heart, mind, and body. Your business has these same components.

  • Heart = Communication – bringing the connection of strong relationships to build your business.
  • Mind = Systems –managing those relationships and operations to run your business.
  • Body = Stability – holding everything together and providing the financial base on which your business stands.

All of this requires elevating your own ability to perceive and act without the clouding of old tapes, stories, limiting beliefs, and posturing. You MUST be able to see through the noise and truly “get” your customers, co-workers, and even your competition.

There is a much misunderstood process that makes this all possible: Compassion. This is not the mushy, New Age “niceness” that often is used as a definition. True Compassion is simply the ability to totally immerse yourself in another person’s perspective. That gives you the power to understand EVERY interaction, and get out of your own way.

When decisions are made from this powerful place, People, Planet, and Profits flourish and prosper. Rather than sacrificing one for another, you can have each support the others. All you need is a comprehensive holistic approach to your business, and the tools to make it happen.

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The Artist and Business: Maintaining Integrity and Getting Paid

Focusing on the specific issues that arise when artists of all types interface with the business mind-set, and the interpersonal communication skills that facilitate success.

  • Access your own best business mind-set.
  • Interface with others, without conflict, both in teams and as a contractor.
  • Blow away the misconception that you have to compromise your Integrity as an Artist.

In fact, with the increased ability to communicate with each other, your ability to maintain your integrity increases as well. Everyone can more effectively state their positions, feelings, and thoughts without creating secondary conflict.

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Organic Character Development: Believability from the Inside

Designed for Writers, Actors, Directors, or anyone who wants the tools to create exceptionally authentic, believable characters. External activity can create accurate caricatures, but internal motivations have a natural flow, directing congruent action, and three-dimensional believability. Using the Enneagram to identify core motivations and the dynamic shifts in perspective that take place under different circumstances, characters maintain congruency throughout their emotional spectra.

  • Create characters with authentic motivations.
  • Maintain congruency throughout reactions and emotions.
  • Depict credible interactions, using accurate triggers and agreements.

Certain characters have always seemed more believable and real to you. What were they doing differently? How did they move through events and circumstances, and react in ways that never stepped outside of what you would believe? When a character is designed from the inside out; from their core motivations and core belief systems, activity and dialogue naturally flows in a congruent way.

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